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Website Design and Web Development


Rama© is in the business of high Tech, Web development and Web Design solutions in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah ( RAK )- United Arab Emirates, Rama ©  provides professional websites that are strategically branded and mobile-friendly with responsive web design for organizations looking to grow their online business by having static, dynamic, e-Commerce, or CMPS-based websites.

  • Site Graphical Development Design.
  • Content Management for Corporate Websites and Portals with Database Integration
  • Online Transaction Processing & E-commerce-enabled web development services.
  • Site analysis statistics including a detailed report on your hits
  • Search engines, Promotion and marketing, Maintenance and daily backups of your site.

Rama© CMPS-PRO is the most versatile, callable, robust, yet easy to use Content Management and Publishing System on the net. Powered with rich Groupware Messaging features, the system enables anyone with minimal technical experience to build, publish and manage entire corporate site in a breeze.

Custom Web Design

A website reflects your brand and having a unique and individualized look is just as important as having one at all. Get a customized website to make your company stand out.

Tools to keep your Website Fresh

Just as the value of a brand new car depreciates the minute you drive it, a brand new website loses its value over time unless you keep it updated (fresh). That's why we deliver all of our websites with an easy-to-use and fully supported Content Management Publishing System (CMPS) - giving you ultimate control over your website 24/7.

Best of Breed Technology

Our team consists of software engineers with 20 + years of combined team experience in all major platforms. This gives our clients options of best programming languages  and Professional platforms for their project such us:

  • Joomla Development : Rama© uses Joomla to develop strong websites that can complement your brand and build your business online through results-driven digital solutions.
  • Wordpress Development: Rama© works with Wordpress to create diverse platforms that allow you to manage your content and modify your websites to reflect your growing business.
  • Drupal Development: Drupal is a flexible CMS platform that we use to create engaging websites and mobile apps to provide the functionality your brand needs to succeed.

PHP, .NET, Linux, Java, JavaScript, ASP.NET, MySQL HTML5, CSS, C, C++, AJAX

Trusted Advisor

Our clients leverage our 20+ years of expertise in web design and web Development , to help them avoid common pitfalls in platform, security, and architecture.

We're here to make sure your visitors not only stay longer, but also turn into customers.

  • We know why most websites fail to achieve business objectives.
  • Rama© team of experts will guide you on creating a visually stunning and practical website.

100% satisfaction guarantee and Everything to market your business



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